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Foxwell NT630 Plus SRS Code Reader ABS and Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Function Works on the Latest 2019/2020 Models

Foxwell NT630 Plus SRS Code Reader ABS and Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Function Works on the Latest 2019/2020 Models

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Foxwell NT630 Plus ABS & Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Calibration has a wide range of cars for ABS and Airbag, it supports One-key VIN reading, quick and easy to operate, working on the latest 2019/2020 models.

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by melvin manley on Sep 17, 2020
I bought the NT630 plus 2 month ago and today go back for feedback.Hope it useful.Despite having outstanding features and qualities, the NT630 plus is a device offered at a great price.Compared to code readers sold at the same price, the Foxwell NT630 plus seems to have more features, and it provides accurate results. So, you get more than what you pay for. In case you are looking for a quality scan tool at an amazing price, this is the device to have.If you have been searching for a quality, reliable, and affordable scan tool, the Foxwell NT630 is an excellent choice for you
Replied by Julia on Sep 17, 2020

Hi melvin manley,

Thanks you very much about feedback.

Best regards
by AYMEN Zaouali on Sep 14, 2020
This tool is both economical and easy to use and it is very suitable for DIY users
Replied by Julia on Sep 15, 2020
by scott kirby on Sep 2, 2020
I bought this scanner to read the ABS related codes on my Dodge Nitro. I had the ABS, Traction control and ESP/BAS lights on my dash, and my old scanner could not read these codes. The Foxwell was able to read the stored codes, as well as perform live monitoring, which helped me identify which wheel had a bad speed sensor. I then purchased a replacement sensor for ~$20 and was able to correct the problem myself. Taking this to a dealer or repair shop would have cost hundreds of dollars to repair, including an $80 charge just for the diagnostics. I am very happy with this scanner.
Replied by Julia on Sep 3, 2020

Hi scott,
Thanks for positive feed back

Have a nice day

by Kenneth Ellis on Aug 31, 2020
2002 Ford Explorer, 4.0 V6
VIN 1FMZU63E42UC90711
2018 Honda CR-V
VIN 2HKRW5H30JH421075
Will NT630 Plus support the 2 cars for bleed ABS and monitor engine misfire?
Replied by Julia on Sep 1, 2020
Hello Kenneth,
Yes,we have conifirmed,nt630 plus can work with your both 2 cars
by Nicki Stumpf on Aug 21, 2020
Fast delivery,thanks
by Russell Baker on Aug 10, 2020
Einfach zu bedienen, sehr einfach
Replied by Julia on Aug 10, 2020
Thank you
by Jason Illingworth on Jul 30, 2020
Just used it for the first time and this is nice. I wanted something not hard to use this is it. Read DTC'S and was able to erase them.
This reads obdII + srs + abs. The description say's it does but the manual only say's abs, srs but does all. I would definatly recommend this tool to any diy'r. I don't like to pay for diag. If it goes to the shop I know what they should be
by Jose fuentes on Jul 30, 2020
This scanner does exactly what I needed it for- diagnosing issues and being able to clear them out. Saves a lot of time for me!
by Robert Langan on Jun 30, 2020
Came quite quickly, connected everything works.
by Mario CALABRETTO on Jun 30, 2020
Very good this NT 630 plus I am very satisfied. And very good seller with a serious follow-up I had trouble updating thanks to many emails between the seller and me everything was ok my update is made and it put my software in French a big congratulations for this seller I highly recommend
by Ms. Hol..kk on Oct 11, 2019
I got this for my husband... It seems to work quite well and gives him the info he needs to fix our car. We did this one because it has live data, unlike the free code read at an auto part store. My husband was a mechanic for many years, so if he likes it, it must be OK
by Mr.Richard on Oct 11, 2019
the price is reasonable for the average mechanic and is quite simple to learn to use.
by Mr. Steph on Oct 11, 2019
We got this because we've been chasing down a problem with our old car. It is easy to hook up and use. We would purchase again.
by Mr.Vic on Oct 11, 2019
I have been having issues with my vehicle, the check engine light comes on and I would have to go to those big box stores to have the codes read. Now I can do this from my garage at my convenience. Best gift I every bought for myself!
by Mr.JASMAR on Oct 11, 2019
I rarely write reviews, but just have to say this is a wonderful company to deal with . The Scanner now works fine once updated and they provided amazing customer service to advise the correct way, which is not as obvious as one would assume by just going to their website downloads.
by Mr.ErickM on Oct 10, 2019
If you take pride in taking care of your own car, this item is for you. If you can work a smartphone, this item is just as easy. Just plug it in and operate to diagnose the problems by reading the code indicated.
by Mr.Nate on Oct 10, 2019
What a life saver! This thing came to me when I most needed it.  A must have for you can fix most of the errors yourself and save your time and money visiting any dealership or a mechanic on a diagnosis and labor. For the price, it came to me as a life saver, user friendly and pretty clear. I am so in love with it and would definitely recommend everyone thinking of buying it to go for it. I think its totally worth it!
by Mr.TobyC on Oct 10, 2019
First time I used it, it was on my son's truck. It paid for itself.  It was easy to do and worthwhile.
by Mr.Jim Dandy on Oct 10, 2019
Before taking your car to the mechanic, you can go armed with knowing the possible problems, and the range of how much you could probably spend for the repair(s). Great little investment!
by Mr.Angel L. Rodriguez on Oct 10, 2019
Overall, the quality of construction of this scanner is top notch. It's very easy to manipulate it's buttons, and the screen is very legible. I'm very satisfied with this product, and as as new comer to auto diagnosis and repair I can honestly say that this scanner is a game changer. 
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