BMW ABS/SRS light reset with Foxwell NT680 Pro

If you have one Foxwell NT680 Pro service reset tool to reset BMW ABS /SRS light on, record battery replacement, and more reviews. Today,Foxwellstore use it to fix the annoying airbag warning light on 3 series BMW F31 dashboard, Foxwell NT680 Pro scan tool to diagnose it and do an SRS reset.
Here we are:
bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro (1)


Have been plugged NT680 Pro into OBD2 port, let’s start:

Diagnostic >> Europe >> BMW >> Manual selection >> 3 series >> F30/F31/F35


Turn off ignition.

Wait approx 10s…

Switch on ignition again

bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-2 bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-3

Diagnosis >> Control modules >> Body >> Airbag-ACSM crash safety module >> Read codes


Here we go, it shows 3 fault codes here:

  • 930928 – Driver’s seat belt tensioner. Resistance too high.
  • 93097C – Driver’s side airbag. Resistance too high.
  • 9309C4 – Driver’s seat belt buckle contact. Open circuit.


If you’re not sure on what these faults meant, just put them into Google. You’ll get the answers or get what to do. In this case, it is a loose connection underneath the driver’s seat. So I’ve put it back together.

bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-4 bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-6 bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-7 bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-8


But the airbag warning light is still on.

So go to “Clear codes”.

Codes cleared! The warning light has gone!


bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-9 bmw-airbag-warning-light-srs-reset-via-foxwell-nt680-pro-10


NT680 Pro is actually a helpful tool that supports many services functions like oil, EPB, DPF, SAS, TBA and more. If you do not require too much, NT680 Lite or NT680 will be a good option as well.