2020 Foxwell GT60/GT60 Plus Newest Update Information(2020-9)

Foxwell GT60/GT60 Plus Updte Information(2020-9)
NO. Update date Product Name Car make Version Update description
10 FOX-ECN-RD-20200323 GT60-GT60Plus GT60/GT60PLUS APP V1.07.021 1.Optimize German translation.
2.Optimize diagnostic description.
11 FOX-ECN-RD-20200403 GT60-GT60Plus GT60/GT60PLUS OS V1.1.7 Optimize the Bluetooth connection module.
12 FOX-ECN-RD-20200429 GT60-GT60Plus GT60/GT60PLUS APP V1.07.024 1.Support Slovak Translation.
2.Add Disclaimer.
3.Add function query module.
4.Add AnyDesk.
5.Add license plate number record in diagnostic report.
13 FOX-ECN-RD-20200624 GT60-GT60Plus GT60/GT60PLUS APP V1.07.028 1.Add vehicles sort.
2.Optimize unit convert.
3.Optimize the loading speed of vehicles and special functions.
4.Optimize ES file browser.
14 FOX-ECN-RD-20200813 GT60-GT60Plus APP V1.07.029 1.Optimize special function mode.
2.Optimize VCI update.
3.Optimize Auto Scan.
4.Optimize TeamViewer and AnyDesk.
5.Fix test bug.
15 FOX-ECN-RD-20200813 GT60-GT60Plus OS V1.2.1 1.Optimize Bluetooth connection stability.
2.Add Google Play service.
3.Modify the crash problem in German statu when pressing the volume button.
16 FOX-ECN-RD-20200824 GT60-GT60Plus APP V1.07.030 Optimize VCI update.