Foxwell NT301 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader Customers Reviews

Foxwell NT301 as a professional Mechanic Diagnostic Code Reader,offers useful information for entry-level pro and savvy DIYer that they can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot OBD2/EOBD problems on today's vehicles.And here are some customer feedback.

Be warned this is not your typical code reader. This one gets into the the technical stuff. A lot I have no idea what I was looking at. I learned to use a few of the functions from uTube videos. I learned enough to find out I had a plugged EGR valve and I have to 02 sensors that are bad. I have the shop manuals for my car and the more I study this instrument the more I like it. The best feature I think is the graphing. Watching the operation of the 02 sensors on the graph mode enabled me to locate the bad sensors in a couple of minutes. If you are willing to take the time and learn how to use this scanner, you'll be glad you bought it. I'm very pleased with my purchase. However when you order this, order a case and the extention ribbon. You will want to protect this little jewel. The extention ribbon allows you to hook up to your automobile computer and be able to sit comfortably in the driver's seat while you are doing the test instead of being hunched under the steering wheel. Great scanner, great price!

This analyzer totally performed to my expectations. Very simple and intuitive with minimal need for referencing the instruction book (which is pretty thorough).It accurately diagnosed the cause of my Check Engine Light (error code P0013). Went on YouTube to learn how the replace faulty VVT exhaust solenoid, and after a trip for the new part, was able to replace it in about 20 minutes. Rechecked system and it was good to go. Loved that I was able to clear error code from car's ECM memory after the repair. Now I can pass the annual emissions test that is required to renew my next registration here in Texas.Chevy dealer wanted $125 just to connect to the OBD2... then would add parts/labor to that.
Paid $65 for the scanner tool, $48 for the part and came out way ahead, plus I now have a scanner to use for any future CEL.

This is the first ODB scanner I have owned. I bought it yesterday to check my daughter's car. Her Check Engine light was on. And the car is very important for her livelihood - but she is also on a tight budget. Rather than running off to a garage I thought it would be good to know just what was happening. (Oh - and I've wanted one of these for years. Not that that had anything to do with it ;) )
This unit was easy to use. Found a misfire on cylinder 3. We pulled the spark plug. Tightened and cleaned the aging gap (and ordered new plugs!). Cleared the code. Checked again. And she's good to go until we can replace those plugs this weekend. Despite a few setbacks of our own making we were done in about an hour.
And yes, if google is to be believed, if the misfire had gotten bad, her driving with the check engine light on MAY have ruined her engine. So this little purchase may have saved her car.

I kept bogging down on my 1998 CR-V. I checked and rechecked timing, fuel pressure, spark plugs, distributor, everything. NO check engine light on, I was going crazy. Finally decided to shell out the money for a "pro" scanner, better than my $20 walmart one. I plugged this one in, took it for a test drive with the data record feature, and guess what I found- a bad O2 upstream sensor. It kept telling my computer it was rich (voltage was .6 to 1.2 all through the ride), and the downstream sensor dipped to near 0 as the computer cut back fuel. My short term fuel trims went down to -30%. All of this and NEVER threw a darn code for me to figure it out. I spent hours upon hours trying to find the mechanical issue, when this electronic tool took care of it in about 15 minutes. A no brainer, your time is worth way more than this costs, buy it. 

For the past few years I've used a Innova 3030 code reader that was purchased at Walmart for around the same price as the Foxwell NT301 however I was never a huge fan in fact I really hated using the Innova 3030 but it worked in a pinch. After getting the Foxwell NT301 and getting to use it for awhile now I can say I actually really enjoy using it. While both take about a minute to sync with the vehicle you get a loading screen with the Foxwell that doesn't make it seem to take as long. But down to the nitty gritty my old scanner only gave you generic codes. However the Foxwell gives you not only generic codes but once synced with the vehicle it can also give manufacture codes as well. The best part is that I give the codes with a description of the code. Which other wise you would have to write them down and search for them online. This feature is very handy and a major time saver. The Foxwell also has a great easy to use full color display and easy to follow instructions. Additional features of Foxwell that I really like is the ability to read real time data and print off any codes that have been detected. I've used this unit on several vehicles. In the time I've owned it and each time it's worked flawlessly. However I did use it on a Cadillac I was recently working on and the only codes it was not able to pull where the chassis and suspension codes however I wasn't expecting this as they are usually only detectable on the vehicle diagnosis system itself. Overall I really like the Foxwell NT301 and will and have gladly recommended this reader to several people.