2020 Foxwell NT630Plus Newest Update Information(2020-9)

Foxwell NT630Plus is for free update , now the software has been updated to the latest version, please check.
Foxwell NT630 Plus Updte Information(2020-9)
NO. Update date Product Name Car make Version Update description
148 FOX-ECN-RD-20200102 NT630Plus SAS V1.30.008 1.Modify the communication failure of Subaru Forester and WRX.
2.Support BWM X5_E70/X5_E53/5_E39/3_E46/7_E66.
149 FOX-ECN-RD-20200102 NT630Plus SUZUKI V1.20.008 1.Support 2018 vehicles.
2.Support all system including Read Codes,Erase Codes,ECU Information,Data Stream.
150 FOX-ECN-RD-20200102 NT630Plus TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION/TOYOTACHINA V1.30.010 1.Modify the failure to communicate with the special function of ABS system on 2008 Lexus.
2.Add ABS Bleeding on some models.
151 FOX-ECN-RD-20200107 NT630Plus GM V1.30.009 1.Modify the failure to enter active test in ABS system on 1999 Chevrolet Astro.
2.Modify the lack of auto bleeding in ABS system on 2006 Hummer H3.
3.Modify the ABS bleeding on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado.
152 FOX-ECN-RD-20200108 NT630Plus AUTOVIN V1.00.006 Add VIN code identification for Nissan.
153 FOX-ECN-RD-20200108 NT630Plus NISSAN/INFINITI V1.30.006 1.Optimize English translation.
2.Modify the problem that the intelligent positioning cannot recognize the VIN code.
154 FOX-ECN-RD-20200110 NT630Plus NISSAN/INFINITI V1.30.007 Modify the problem that the engine system cannot be accessed.
155 FOX-ECN-RD-20200113 NT630Plus EOBD V1.20.005 Modify the data stream interface graphics not refresh problem.
156 FOX-ECN-RD-20200113 NT630Plus SAS V1.30.009 1.Modify the problem of communication failure on Chrysler Cherokee and BMW 5_E60 2005.
2.Support 2010 Subaru Forester.
3.Modify the display menu of BMW X3_E83.
157 FOX-ECN-RD-20200115 NT630Plus HYUNDAI/KIA/BJHYUNDAI/DYK V1.10.015 1.Increase VIN code recognition range.
2.Fixed the problem of active test command error.
3.Modify the failure of SAS and automatic exhaust functions.
158 FOX-ECN-RD-20200116 NT630Plus ASTONMARTIN V1.30.004 1.Modify the problem that the data stream does not display the name.
2.Optimize data stream loading speed.
159 FOX-ECN-RD-20200310 NT630Plus SUZUKI V1.20.011 Optimize Auto Scan.
160 FOX-ECN-RD-20200310 NT630Plus DAEWOO V1.10.012 Add SDM system for Epica/Tosca 2011.
161 FOX-ECN-RD-20200319 NT630Plus SAS V1.31.002 1.Support SAS function of 2017 Chrysler.
2.Add Chrysler Challenger、Liberty、Renegade、Patriot Vehicles.
162 FOX-ECN-RD-20200325 NT630Plus HONDA/ACURA/DFHONDA/GZHONDA V1.30.036 1.Modify the model position of old cars.
2.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
3.Fix test bug.
163 FOX-ECN-RD-20200325 NT630Plus MASERATI V1.30.006 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
164 FOX-ECN-RD-20200401 NT630Plus TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION/TOYOTACHINA V1.30.011 1.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
2.Optimize Polish translation.
165 FOX-ECN-RD-20200401 NT630Plus NISSAN/INFINITI V1.30.010 1.Optimize vehicle configuration.
2.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
166 FOX-ECN-RD-20200401 NT630Plus FERRARI V1.30.014 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
167 FOX-ECN-RD-20200401 NT630Plus FiAT\ALFA\ABARTH\LANCIA\GQFIAT v1.41.001 1.Solve the problem of live data on Fiat.
2.Optimize Polish translation.
3.Optimize communication and interface display.
168 FOX-ECN-RD-20200414 NT630Plus MASERATI V1.30.009 1.Add LEVANTE(M161) vehicles menu.
2.Add function menu for CSG system.
3.Optimize QUATTROPORTE(M139) menu.
4.Optimize Auto Scan,Read Codes,Erase Codes.
169 FOX-ECN-RD-20200415 NT630Plus AUTOVIN V1.10.001 Optimize AutoVin.
170 FOX-ECN-RD-20200415 NT630Plus HOME V1.05.001 Optimize tips.
171 FOX-ECN-RD-20200415 NT630Plus MITSUBISHI V1.30.010 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
172 FOX-ECN-RD-20200415 NT630Plus DAEWOO V1.11.001 Optimize Polish translation.
173 FOX-ECN-RD-20200416 NT630Plus SUZUKI V1.20.013 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
174 FOX-ECN-RD-20200416 NT630Plus PROTON/PERODUA V1.10.012 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
176 FOX-ECN-RD-20200423 NT630Plus VW/AUDI/BENTLEY/BUGATTI/LAMBORGHINI/SEAT/SH_SKODA/SH_VW/SKODA/VW_CV/YQ AUDI/YQ_VW V1.10.013 Modify the display menu of vw and vw_cv.
177 FOX-ECN-RD-20200423 NT630Plus ASTONMARTIN V1.30.007 1.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
2.Optimize code and Prompt message.
178 FOX-ECN-RD-20200424 NT630Plus DAIHATSU V1.11.001 1.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
2.Optimize Polish Translation.
179 FOX-ECN-RD-20200424 NT630Plus NISSAN/INFINITI V1.30.011 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
180 FOX-ECN-RD-20200424 NT630Plus SSANGYONG V1.31.001 1.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
2.Optimize Polish Translation.
181 FOX-ECN-RD-20200425 NT630Plus AUTOVIN V1.10.002 Add vin code identification for Holden
182 FOX-ECN-RD-20200428 NT630Plus GM V1.31.002 1.Optimize abs bleeding function for 1996-2013 Vehicles.
2.Fix test bug.
183 FOX-ECN-RD-20200429 NT630Plus SUBARU V1.32.001 1.Optimize Polish Translation.
2.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
184 FOX-ECN-RD-20200429 NT630Plus LUXGEN V1.11.001 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
185 FOX-ECN-RD-20200518 NT630Plus OPEL/VAUXHALL V1.11.001 1.Optimize Polish translation.
2.Fix test bug.
186 FOX-ECN-RD-20200520 NT630Plus DEMO V1.10.007 1.Optimize software structure.
2.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
187 FOX-ECN-RD-20200521 NT630Plus SUZUKI V1.20.015 Optimize AutoVin of Suzuki.
188 FOX-ECN-RD-20200522 NT630Plus OPEL/VAUXHALL V1.12.001 Modify the issue of repeated upgrades.
189 FOX-ECN-RD-20200525 NT630Plus DAEWOO V1.12.001 Modify the issue of repeated upgrades.
190 FOX-ECN-RD-20200525 NT630Plus SMART V1.30.020 Optimize Polish translation.
191 FOX-ECN-RD-20200525 NT630Plus SPRINTER V1.30.020 Optimize Polish translation.
192 FOX-ECN-RD-20200530 NT630Plus SUBARU V1.33.001 Optimize Polish translation.
193 FOX-ECN-RD-20200601 NT630Plus VOLVO V1.40.005 Optimize Polish translation.
194 FOX-ECN-RD-20200602 NT630Plus CHRYSLER V1.30.013 Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
195 FOX-ECN-RD-20200605 NT630Plus LANDROVER/JAGUAR V1.30.012 1.Fix test bug.
2.Optimize Polish Translation
196 FOX-ECN-RD-20200605 NT630Plus FORD/FORDAU/FORDEU/FORDCHINA V1.30.020 1.Fix test bug.
2.Optimize Polish Translation.
197 FOX-ECN-RD-20200605 NT630Plus MAZDA/MAZDACHINA V1.30.020 1.Fix test bug.
2.Optimize Polish Translation.
198 FOX-ECN-RD-20200611 NT630Plus HOME V1.06.001 1.Optimize Polish Translation.
2.Support Slovak.
199 FOX-ECN-RD-20200630 NT630Plus MITSUBISHI V1.30.011 Fix the problem of unable to enter system.
200 FOX-ECN-RD-20200630 NT630Plus NISSAN/INFINITI V1.30.012 1.Modify the problem of engine system communication failure for 2006 Bluebird.
2.Optimize auto scan.
201 FOX-ECN-RD-20200701 NT630Plus FIAT/ALFA/ABARTH/LANCIA/GQFIAT V1.41.002 Modify the problem of update failed for Swedish.
202 FOX-ECN-RD-20200703 NT630Plus SUBARU V1.34.001 Optimize Polish Translation.
203 FOX-ECN-RD-20200703 NT630Plus TOYOTA/LEXUS/SCION/TOYOTACHINA V1.31.001 Optimize Polish Translation.
204 FOX-ECN-RD-20200707 NT630Plus EOBD V1.20.011 1.Add system name display.
2.Optimize Polish Translation.
3.Optimize the query method of custom fault codes.
2.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
206 FOX-ECN-RD-20200718 NT630Plus SUZUKI V1.30.006 1.Support 2019 Vehicles.
2.Support Auto Vin.
207 FOX-ECN-RD-20200720 NT630Plus HONDA/ACURA/DFHONDA/GZHONDA V1.37.011 1.Modify the Read Codes failure problem.
2.Optimize communication stability.
208 FOX-ECN-RD-20200729 NT630Plus HONDA/ACURA/DFHONDA/GZHONDA V1.37.016 Optimize communication stability.
209 FOX-ECN-RD-20200803 NT630Plus FERRARI V1.30.016 Optimize French translation.
210 FOX-ECN-RD-20200804 NT630Plus FORD/FORDEU/FORDCHINA V2.00.005 Support 2020 Vehicles.
211 FOX-ECN-RD-20200804 NT630Plus MAZDA/MAZDACHINA V2.00.005 Modify the problem of Smart positioning.
212 FOX-ECN-RD-20200807 NT630Plus FUSO V1.31.010 Support all function for ABS/SRS System.
213 FOX-ECN-RD-20200807 NT630Plus BENZ/MAYBACH V1.31.004 1.Modify the garbled text in multi-languages.
2.Optimize Data Stream for C204/E212 chassis.
214 FOX-ECN-RD-20200811 NT630Plus ASTONMARTIN V1.40.002 1.Add Special Function on Astonmartin,such as Brake pressure calibration,Lateral acceleration calibration.
2.Optimize Data Stream.
215 FOX-ECN-RD-20200813 NT630Plus ISUZU V1.20.001 1.Add special function.
2.Optimize Auto Scan,Data Stream and Active Test.
216 FOX-ECN-RD-20200818 NT630Plus HOME V1.07.004 Optimized Maintenance Function Name Display.
217 FOX-ECN-RD-20200820 NT630Plus CHRYSLER V2.00.001 1.Support 2020 Vehicles.
2.Add 139 special functions.
219 FOX-ECN-RD-20200821 NT630Plus HYUNDAI/KIA/BJHYUNDAI/DYK V1.40.001 1.Support 1986-2020 Vehicles.
2.Optimize Auto VIN.
220 FOX-ECN-RD-20200824 NT630Plus GM V2.00.008 Supprot 2020-2021 Vehicles.
221 FOX-ECN-RD-20200828 NT630Plus OPEL/VAUXHALL V1.13.001 1.Support 2020 Vehicles.
2.Optimize Vehicles menu and Auto Scan.
222 FOX-ECN-RD-20200828 NT630Plus BENZ/MAYBACH V1.31.007 1.Modify the problem of unable to enter SRC system.
2.Modify the problem of undefined fault code for PTS system.
223 FOX-ECN-RD-20200909 NT630Plus BENZ/MAYBACH V1.31.010 Optimize Auto Scan of ESP system on W212 Chassis.
224 FOX-ECN-RD-20200909 NT630Plus GM V2.01.001 Optimize Polish translation.
225 FOX-ECN-RD-20200909 NT630Plus VOLVO V2.00.003 1.Support 2020 Vehicles.
2.Add Active Test,Gateway Scan and Fault code help information function for VOLVO SPA.