Foxwell BT-705 BT705 Battery Analyzer for 12V and 24V & Charging System Analyzer 100-2000 CCA

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Product Description

Foxwell BT-705 Battery Analyzer can analyze the working condition of the battery for 12V or 24V charging system and makes sure your battery functions well.

Foxwell BT-705 BT705 Battery Analyzer

Note: Foxwell BT-705 Battery Analyzer is out of stock, but BT715 Battery Analyzer can replace it, please order Foxwell BT-715.

Foxwell BT-705 Battery Analyzer Description:

Foxwell BT-705 Battery Analyzer is dedicatedly developed to test  12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, and gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system. It provides a quick, easy, and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging systems.

Top 8 Reasons to buy Foxwell BT-705:

1. The battery test analyzes the working condition of the battery for 12V or 24V charging system and makes sure your battery functions well.
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 01

2. Selections for application/battery location/ post type/ battery type/ battery standard to ensure more accurate testing results.
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 02

3. The charging system test decodes alternator information and troubleshoots the faulty charging system.

foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 03

4. Cranking test displays the decision on the starter system, cranking voltage, and cranking time in milliseconds.
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 04

5. Support Multi-languages:
Language Pack 1: English + French + Spanish + German + Dutch
Language Pack II: English + Italian + Portuguese + Polish + Turkish + Russian

foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 05

6. View test result and print the data via optional Bluetooth printer
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 06
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 07

7. Clearly arranged keypad and menu-driven operation make it extremely easy to use.
foxwell bt705 battery analyzer 08
8. It is constructed to resist impact and damage in the tough workshop environment. A rubberized sleeve protects your investment. To secure it, extra corner padding and screen protector ensure your tool will be around for a long time.

Foxwell BT-705 Battery Analyzer FAQs:

Q1:  recently purchased your BT 705 battery tester. The owner's manual is very vague. my question is on page 2 of the "battery test" what do the letters SOH, SOC, and RES MR stand for?
A1: The SOH refers to the health status of the battery, the SOC refers to the state of charge, the RES refers to the internal resistance of the battery.

Q2: Thank you,  what are good numbers for RES.
A2: Here is the reply from our engineer:
1. The internal resistance of the car battery is milliohm level. The larger the capacity, the smaller the internal resistance of the battery. For example, the internal resistance of 12 volts of 100 amps should be around 4.5 milliohms and the internal resistance of the battery at 12 volts and 38 amps. It is at about 8 milliohms.
2. It is related to the percentage of actual electricity. Generally, the internal resistance after 40% of electricity is not changed much. Below this percentage, there is no reference value. The electrolyte is more stable after the charge is higher than 40%.

BT-705 Battery Analyzer Specifications:

Display: 128 * 64 pixels, backlit display screen
Working temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Power Supply: 8-30V DC
Dimensions: 190*90*36mm
Gross Weight (without printer): 1.6 KG
Gross Weight (with printer): 2.0 KG
CTN MEAS: 500*560*420mm
Weight/CTN: 31KG

Foxwell BT-780 Vs BT715 Vs BT705:
Item Foxwell BT-780 Foxwell BT715 Foxwell BT705
Outlook foxwell bt780 foxwell bt715 foxwell bt705
Voltage Measuring 6V-32V 6V-32V 6V-32V
Battery Rating 100 to 2000CCA 100 to 2000CCA 100 to 2000CCA
Flooded, AGM, GEL
Test start-stop AGM and EFB batteries
Internal resistance
Ripple voltage test
Printer Built-in thermal printer No Bluetooth Printer Optional Bluetooth Printer
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch (can reset any language as you need) English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Price $319  Free shipping $119 Free shipping $115 Free shipping without Bluetooth Printer

Foxwell BT-705 Package including:
1pc× Battery Analyzer BT-705 Main Unit
1pc× User' s guide
1pc× Carry pouch

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